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Jeffrey Babcock reports and writes about: easy steps for the healthiest you right now™ and more.

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An entertaining and memorable author and television reporter, Jeffrey speaks to corporate, university and not-for-profit groups about how to easily and in many cases effortlessly improve lifestyle and physical wellness and wellbeing; these frequently promote a healthier outlook on life, recreation and work.

Jeffrey has always been interested in the easiest way to achieve the healthiest life. He turned his own health around, having overcome physical issues large and small. At 6'2" he weighs 176 pounds, has a 33 inch waist without dieting...simply eating smart and walking 30 minutes a day.

Prior to work as an author and publisher, he worked as a financial correspondent in New York with ABC-TV, The Wall St. Journal, WBNS TV Columbus OH, KIRO TV Seattle WA, KATU TV Portland OR. He was also employed by Straight Arrow Publishing, the publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine. What he misses most about living in New York is the commute. He lived on the Upper West Side and rode a bicycle to work most days. 

A native of Minnesota, Jeffrey Babcock graduated from Duluth East High School. After attending the University of Minnesota for one memorably cold year, he moved to the slightly warmer climes of Toronto, Ontario where he graduated from Vanier College, York University with a Bachelor of Arts in United States and Canadian history. He worked several summers during University on the Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway. One beautiful summer in Canada he was employed by the Province of Ontario, working on canal boats on the waterfront of Lake Ontario at Ontario Place.

Jeffrey is an avid hiker and cyclist who treasures every minute spent rowing an Adirondack guide boat. He has been married for over twenty-nine years to a bright and beautiful woman he met while doing a television story about meeting people. She smiled at him and he asked her out on the air. She said that if he gave her his card she would call him. He said that would be fine, but that if she didn’t call in a week he was going back on the air to say that she hadn’t called. Happily she called. His wife is an accomplished golfer and tennis player, who sells voice and data transmission equipment for a major global firm. 

His daughter Taylor is an LPGA Assistant Golf and Teaching Professional at Pine Brook Country Club in Weston, MA. She is currently working toward her LPGA Class “A”. Taylor also has 4 years prior experience as a Division I Collegiate Golf Coach and is a TPI Certified Level I Golf Instructor. She holds a degree in Sports Management and Business from Barry University, Miami, FL where she played division II college golf. She was an Athletic All-American in 2012 and was an Academic All-American throughout her collegiate career. 

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